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Website Design Trends 2018 : AMP | Schema3 min read

Mobile First | Schema Microdata | AMP | Material Web Components

Website Design Trends 2018 – Secret Revealed

Here is the formula

“Looks can be deceptive. Looks may grab attention but realization of objective (lead capturing and conversion into sales) requires focus on FUNCTIONALITY and PERFORMANCE.”

-Anurag Gupta, Kickass Digital Marketing

Let’s straight away go to the Key website design trends 2018:

5 Key website design trends 2018

  1. Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

Mobile first website is must. AMP improves site performance (load time) drastically.

With millions of website on similar keywords, best SEO – the key differentiator in google PR and user experience will be “SITE LOAD TIME”. AMP takes care of this aspect.

These are mobile version of website with single page CSS and JS implementation hence such pages doesn’t require any external calls to load the page.

  1. Structured Data (Schema Diagram) – Micro Data

Google search algorithm is designed to give preference to website who have incorporated Schema Micro Data in search results for a chosen keyword.

Ex. Schema Micro Data Implementation


Website Design Trend 2018

  1. Landing Page

People don’t search website, they search a “keyword”. Google show best suited relevant results (Page within a website, not website) confirming to their algorithm for the “keyword”.

For better “lead capturing and conversion”, it is advised to have “Landing Page with only keyword related content meeting searchers intended expectation” for each targeted “keyword”, this will ensure better user experience and maximum customer delight. Better UX and Customer Delight will surely improve “Opt-in” ratio and ultimately “better conversion into sales”.


  1. Minimal User Interface (UI) for Maximum User Experience (UX)

With focused landing page, customers tendency to take decision will drastically improve, hence NO DISTRACTION should be designed with “unnecessary pop-up, up-sell/cross-sell”, just guide customer to the “intended call-to-action” with “minimum clicks” and focus to complete the “objective” – which is “opt-in or sales conversion” ( based on objective of landing page ).


  1. Tailor made ‘events’, & ‘intelligent widget logics’

Now the focus is on offering “customized user experience”. Based on prospects stage in sales funnel, he/she should get different page, offers, CTAs.

For example,

First time visitor to a landing page, will see a SIGN-UP widget, but returning visitor need not to be shown SIGN-UP message. He/she should instead be shown Offers based on his/her action during last page visit.

In 2018 and coming years website design trend, designer should not make WEBSITEs, business should not demand WEBSITEs, websites are now thing of past. Now, if designers are able to make conversion optimized LANDING PAGE for each keyword a business is focused on, the JOB is done.

2018 on wards, website should be collection of LANDING PAGES rather than standard plain vanilla websites with Home Page, About Us, Our Services, Blog, Contact Us etc section.

Bye-bye WEBSITE, welcome LANDING PAGE SITE in 2018. Look out for upcoming Website Design Trends 2017.

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