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Social Media Marketing Services in Goa3 min read

Content Marketing. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Instagram marketing in Goa

Social Media Marketing Company Goa : Quick & Cost Effective Way to Reach out to the ” Potential Customers

Social Media Marketing Company Goa : Goa becoming startup hub

Startups are growing at rapid pace thanks to pro-business policies of central and well as state governments. With Stand Up India, Start Up India initiatives coupled with financial support schemes like Mudra Yojana, Ease of doing business – entrepreneurship is reaching to a different level all together.

Goa, known for its vibrant lifestyle, is also emerging as Start Up – specially for digital economy. Thanks to its proximity to major towns like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Low Cost compared to metros, availability of talented human resource and support from government.

To augment growth in existing business and set up of new business – a solid support system is must. Be it logistics, accounting, or IT infrastructure support. Brands having superior products and service needs market to sell their products. They need a viable and cost effective marketing strategy to promote their brand.

As we know, traditional marketing channel like TV broadcasting, News Paper Publishing, Participation in Exhibitions and trade fairs are costly and time consuming options specially for new edge entrepreneurs. So the obvious option for them is to BE THERE WHERE THEIR CUSTOMER ARE – WHICH IS SOCIAL MEDIA. Refer our social media marketing services in goa.

Social Media Marketing Company Goa : Quick & Cost Effective Way to Reach out to the ” Potential Customers “

As discussed, social media marketing company goa is the best option to expand and promote business. The best thing about social media marketing company goa is that it cost effective, can be handled by entrepreneurs them selves, doesn’t require too much technical knowledge. Listed below are the digital marketing strategies that can be adopted by startups in Goa :

  • Facebook Marketing Goa
  • Twitter Marketing Goa
  • YouTube Marketing Goa
  • Instagram Marketing Goa
  • Pinterest Marketing Goa

Facebook Marketing : Business can have Company Page with all details about products/services. This is the best place for organic leads. Multimedia post can be shared with Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons for improving lead capturing and conversion.

Facebook also offers great cost effective platform for Paid Marketing. Business can share Multimedia Post, conduct surveys and have interactive content to improve engagement and build a community of followers.

Similar options available for almost all social media marketing channels like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Average cost per thousand impression across different social media marketing channels is ₹4-₹20, depending upon the media and keyword, industry being targeted.

You may want to read more about social media marketing company goa for small business. Digital Marketing Strategies for small business in Goa.

So if you are a startup want to marketing your products and service in digital word, social media – who else to reach  but your own Social Media Marketing Company Goa – Kickass Digital Marketing.

Kickass Digital Marketing Goa offers very cost effective, customized digital marketing solutions starting from ₹3000 per month for all social media marketing channels. This includes 6 unique multimedia post per month for each platform : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The content will be of highest standards and Search Engine Optimized (SEO friendly). We will also make website landing pages at ₹1500 per page ( if not maintained already ) for each target keyword or campaign.

So what are you waiting for, call us now to avail this offer at ₹3,000 per month.

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