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Online Presence for Small Business in Goa3 min read

Why Aggressive Online Presence For Small Business In Goa is Crucial for Growth and Competitive Advantage?

Online Presence For Small Business In Goa : Why, What, How & Where?

This is a follow up post after my earlier post on Digital Marketing For Small Business in Goa.

So you wanted to establish a business, and you did it.

You naturally wanted to GROW BIG, have steady stream of REVENUE flowing in with huge PROFIT margin? But…there is always a but. You are short of your own EXPECTATION in spite of doing everything you had planned for and you could do? So whats missing ?


As per various studies and trends, > 86% of your potential customers are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and browse various blogs and  news portals, eCommerce websites and spend on an average over 2-3 hrs per days on such platforms.

Are you (is your business) visible to them, where they are spending most of the time? I guess, NO ( means not SIGNIFICANTLY).

Hope by now, you got answer to the first part –

WHY? Online Presence for small business in Goa is must for Competitive Advantage?


Next question obviously is WHAT do we mean by ONLINE PRESENCE?


In short, Online Presence Management is a new discipline of managing one’s organization, brand or personality on the internet. Following are the key elements to have a strong online presence :

  • A Mobile First, Responsive,  Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Website with Opt-in Form feature.
  • Profile and periodic relevant quality content on various social media marketing.
  • Advertising and Marketing efforts directed to online channels like Social Media, YouTube, Google Adword ( Pay Per Click – PPC) and Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.

Website Trends 2018  Explore Website Design Trends 2018 

Above are directly controllable by you. But there are various third party independent platforms which list, rate and review your business – How can you ensure that they talk good about you?

Your unsatisfied customer may talk negative about your BRAND on various social media platform. Here comes, Online Presence for small business in Goa and online reputation management. Companies these days invest, millions of dollars just to maintain their online reputation.

These factors exist beyond the control of your direct across the rest of the internet:

  • Internet Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Directory Listings
  • Internet [Industry / Support] Forums

Now once WHAT of online presence for small business in goa is clear, next how and where to start from?

Naturally, the points I discussed so far are not difficult to understand and implement. So without waiting  for anything, you can start of on your own with at least presence part – you can always improve once you establish your online presence in goa.

You can always, reach Integrated Digital Marketing Agency like us for an end to end implementation of Online Presence Management.

You can avail an offer for “Online Presence Analysis and Digital Consultancy ” with detailed analytical report worth ₹5,000 for absolutely FREE, this proposal is exclusive for my blog readers / subscribers like you.

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Why Aggressive Online Presence For Small Business In Goa is Crucial for Growth and Competitive Advantage?


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