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Digital Marketing Strategies Goa for Small Businesses5 min read

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Digital Marketing Strategies Goa for Small Businesses

Every business be it big or small wants to GROW at respectable pace with least cost and most effective way. Start-ups and small business usually have resource and know-how constraint. Digital Marketing Strategies Goa a must and most effective tool available to such resource constraint ambition driven businesses.

According to various research, businesses with online presence earn at least 15-30% more than those who do not have online presence. Having a SEO Website helps business earn TRUST and CONFIDENCE of prospects and also helps in generating significant leads.

5  Proven Digital Marketing Strategies Goa

I am sharing with you 5 proven Digital Marketing Strategies Goa for Small Businesses just like yours that can be translated into actionable, high-return marketing initiatives at a reasonable cost.

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Ad Retargeting/ Remarketing
  3. Video casting/Audio casting
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Marketing Automation

A brief explanation of above Digital Marketing Strategies.

Responsive Web Design


As explained earlier, having a website is must. Approximately 40-45% online activity is already shifted to Tablets & Smart Phone. Websites must be responsive, means content (text, images, videos and animated sliders etc) must adjust itself to various screen size without compromising on quality. A responsive website enhances user experience across device.

Advertising Re-targeting and re-marketing 


Marketers often talk about top-of-mind awareness, or the practice of staying in front of a prospect as they go about their daily routine. Re targeting does just that, tracking

Marketers often talk about top-of-mind awareness, or the practice of staying in front of a prospect as they go about their daily routine. Retargeting does just that, tracking prospects who visit your site and then subsequently displaying your retargeted ads to them when they visit other sites online.

Here’s a key stat from ad retargeting vendor AdRoll: only 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Ad retargeting allows you to connect users with your message multiple times, not just once, increasing conversion rates. In this way, ad retargeting offers one of the best tactics to get small—but powerful—messages delivered across various digital channels with a goal of pulling the end-user back to your site and getting them to take a desired action.

Cutting-edge brands are starting to use ad retargeting functionality within marketing automation software to achieve higher email marketing conversion rates.

Video-casting/ Audio-casting


On the video front, I believe 2016 will be the year of video marketing. Indeed, all brands great and small will be experimenting with video as a content medium, as video takes its rightful place as a primary means of content production. From formal webinars to low-res, snackable content shorts broadcast on Blab, YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live, or Meerkat, the breadth of possibilities for video marketing is already seemingly endless, and still growing. And keep in mind, with video you get audio—whether or not you are watching the video. It is in this sense that video may become a virtual staple for brands trying to communicate with mobile-toting audiences.

That said, I’m still a big fan of the audiocast (Podcast). It just makes too much sense: with an audiocast, you have a captive audience who is able to listen while they’re doing something else and going about their daily routine (yard work, exercise, cleaning, riding on a bus, etc.). I keep threatening to start an audiocast of my own; perhaps 2016 is the year I finally do it.


Inbound Marketing



Businesses need to operate transparently and communicate openly in today’s consumer-driven era. Inbound marketing empowers companies to do just that, realigning the brand’s internal-facing focus on sales, marketing, and product toward an external-facing focus on strategic decision-making based on the wants and needs of the customer. With inbound marketing, the emphasis is on earning, not buying, a person’s attention, which is accomplished by actively engaging on social media and producing fresh and original content such as blogs, ebooks, videos, webinars, and podcasts. This inbound combination of relevant content and online engagement creates a solid foundation for sales and marketing efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.

The effectiveness of inbound as a preferred marketing strategy is underscored in the findings of HubSpot’s “State of Inbound 2015” report, a global survey of nearly 4,000 marketing professionals. Among marketers surveyed, inbound had a 75% likelihood of being the marketing approach of choice, while outbound had only a 25% chance. This 3:1 ratio remained consistent across all company types (B2B, B2C, and nonprofit).

Moreover, every company HubSpot surveyed, regardless of marketing budget, was 3X as likely to see a higher ROI on inbound marketing campaigns than on outbound. This is partly because inbound leverages the most prevalent consumer-driven modalities of the digital age, and partly because inbound campaigns are more cost-efficient than many traditional outbound strategies (PR, print, radio, TV advertising, etc.).

Marketing Automation

digital-marketing-strategies-goa-marketing-automation-minIf you’re seriously considering a move to inbound, it’s much easier to manage inbound marketing campaigns with some type of all-in-one marketing automation software, which has built-in web, social, customer relationship management (CRM), and content management software (CMS) functions. Popular marketing automation software options include HubSpot (which we use), Marketo, Eloqua, and Lyris, although there are numerous players in the space.

For my money, of all the benefits of marketing automation software, perhaps the most significant is the ability to access in-depth marketing analytics through a single unified platform. You can use the kind granular data feedback the software provides to build high-conversion retargeting campaigns , or more generally, to refine future digital marketing strategies and initiatives.

For small businesses, marketing automation software is still in the early stages of adoption: Software Advice’s 2015 Marketing Automation Software Small Business BuyerView report notes how nearly all buyers (98%) are looking for dedicated marketing automation software for the first time, and nearly half (47%) are still using manual methods.

You may want to read our page on online marketing goa.



It’s no coincidence that all five of the :

digital marketing strategies goa

and tactics listed above are direct or indirect services offered by our marketing company, Kickass. Though it may seem like shameless promotion on my part, it’s actually something far more significant. You see, operating as a small business ourselves, we value all of these strategies and tactics, using each of them not only for our clients, but for ourselves.

All the best, reach us for any suggestion or services.
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