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Digital Marketing for Self Drive Car Rentals Companies: Case Study

Wonder how we implemented Digital Marketing for Self Drive Car Rental Company in India? Here is a short case study on

About Self Drive – A leading Self Drive Car Rental Company in India

Self Drive is among the first online rent-a-car companies in India. Providing rent a car on demand, micro leases, airport rentals, and also one-way rentals at just one click, with easy delivery and returns in 6 states in India., is an e-commerce portal that allows clients to book a car online & pay directly via the payment gateway using HSBC Global Pay & American Express using their Credit Cards. A unique E-Commerce website that helped over 50000 people, traveling across various cities with an online spot booking, Car Confirmation & making Payments.

Challenge – SEO & Digital Marketing

Self Drive web portal was professionally designed, with all the elements that made it a website worth visiting. Even though the web development process targeted all the integral aspects that attract visitors, the website was struggling to drive relevant traffic and get the requisite search engine rankings.

The client was unable to detect the issues and decided to get in touch with us for SEO services. After an acute website analysis, our team of experts concluded that the website had some technical complications and needed optimization. Our team devised a strategy to achieve targeted rankings and visibility for the client’s website.

Campaign Strategy

Our team of SEO analysts and technical experts comprehensively analyzed and studied the website, its industry competitors, and current industry trends. Based on the research they designed a powerful, systematic, strategic, and scalable solution.


One of the challenges in digital marketing for self drive car rental company is, we can’t start directly with marketing. We followed the bottoms-up approach and started with a Website audit to find opportunities for a better user experience and to arrest the bounce rate thus improving conversion.

On-Page Strategy

  • Analysis of Website Structure and Recommendation
  • Optimized Website to Improve Page Speed
  • Optimized Meta Tags of website pages
  • Optimized heading tags
  • Added Alt Tags for images
  • Optimized website content for targeted keywords
  • Implemented Schema Markups and Rich Snippet on the web pages
  • Unique Content was included in web pages
  • Removed Hidden content issue
  • Fixed Dead Pages Issue
  • Implemented all SEO standard elements like sitemaps, robots.txt, Noodp, NoYdir, etc.
  • Setup of Google Analytics and set Goal, Filters, etc.
  • Setup of Google Webmaster to track traffic report and visibility in various search engines.

Off-Page Strategy

To increase the website’s overall prominence on search engines, we devised an off-page strategy to create good quality backlinks and increase social visibility. Thus increasing the keyword ranking and website traffic.

  • At the initial phase of the campaign, we performed an in-depth Backlinks Analysis of the website.
  • Submitted Unique and Informative Details of the website targeted URL’s to the third-party websites and created quality Backlinks.
    • Social Bookmarking sites
    • Local Listing Sites
    • Image Promotion in Social Media Platform
    • Gift Voucher/Discount Coupon Promotion
    • Guest Review / Testimonial Promotion On Social Platforms
    • Infographic Promotion
  • Submitted Blogs and Articles written for the website on third-party content sharing websites.  Emphasis was given more on Local websites to increase the visibility of the Client’s website.
  • Converted the articles and blogs into PDF files and shared them on top-quality PDF sharing websites. To promote them further, we bookmarked the URLs of the published PDF files on social bookmarking websites.
  • Optimized Google Business Page for the Local Users.

With the implementation of our SEO and audit recommendations as well as other social promotions, the website visibility performed well across all search engines and thus directly increased the potential traffic that leads to conversions.

The Result of Our Work

The client is satisfied with our SEO practices that helped them achieve their business objectives. Our team developed and implemented a powerful and in-depth SEO strategy for the client. The project is currently supported by our top SEO specialists and technical experts.

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