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Google Page One Rank For A New Business Website2 min read

Is it possible for a newly developed business website in Goa to rank on page one of google SERPs?

The answer is YES for New Business Website In Goa

It is possible for a Startup or New Business Website in Goa to attain a google page one rank with in 3 months’ time. To accomplish this, one need to at least do following:

  1. Decide on Target Keyword [ based on product or service they wish to target ]
  2. Design a separate Landing Page for each keyword.
  3. Each landing page must follow basic strategies of On-Page SEO followed by Off-Page SEO activities. If the website is on WordPress CMS, I would recommend to use FREE Yoast SEO plugin for On-Page SEO and Google Local Listing.
  4. Website Submission to Google Search Console along with sitemap and robot.txt file submission.

Once On-Page SEO is done, OFF-Page SEO activity need to be carried out which is ongoing to attain and retain Top Rank.

For a New Business Website In Goa,

Blogging, Commenting, Guest Post are few time tasted and proven Off-Page SEO tactics.

Social Media Marketing to drive website traffic will also contribute in improving Google Page Rank.

There are various SEO companies in Goa offering Search Engine Optimization Services in Goa.

You may google or directly contact Kickass Digital Marketing – the best SEO Company in Goa.

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Why is it important for new business website in Goa to attain a Google Page One Rank ?

The answer is SIMPLE.

To be noticed, found or discoverable in Google. You can have the best website but it doesn’t matter if none of your target audience is able to find you.

Online Presence and Discover-ability is one of the most desired objective of having On-Page SEO  and Off-Page SEO optimized new business website in Goa.

Once a new business website in goa is found by target audience for the desired keyword, they will surely visit the website bringing in much need website traffic.

Attract, than Engage.

For engagement content quality is very important.

Engage, than Convert

Engagement for what? To convert into SALES.

All the business may not be able make sale directly from website but they can start getting LEADs.

Hope this summaries the benefit of and purpose of SEO and Google Page One Rank for New Business Website In Goa in the year 2017.

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